Non-Interrupted Mile

DATE: 2022-03-14
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: 2 percent, CableGuy, Ice Tea, Jenner, Lazlo, Maj. Payne, My Space, Shake and Bake, Spokes, Wedding Singer FNGs: None
SSH, LBACs, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai, Cherry Pickers, Moroccan Night Clubs

PAX performed a non-interrupted mile, as follows:
– 100 m Bear Crawl (like a bear)
– 100 m Everest Climb (lunge step, lunge step, squat)
– 100 m Railroad Ties (jump over PAX in plank at 3-5 m intervals) – 100 m CB Pass (PAX pass CB to neighbor, then Ricky Bobby)
– 100 m CB rifle carry (CB carried like a rifle)
– 100 m Bear Crawl
– 100 m Everest Climb
– 100 m Railroad Ties
– 100 m CB Pass
– 100 m CB Rifle Carry
– 100 m Bear Crawl
– 100 m Everest Climb
– 200 m Mosey
– 200 m CB carry

Flutter Kicks

– Shenanigames this Thursday.

At the beginning of every workout, we encourage the PAX to “modify as necessary” to avoid injury or overwork. This morning, we modified the monthly challenge mile to include some fun exercises. As you go on with your day, consider what routines to modify in other areas of your life.

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