Tri-State Scramble – 9.6mile Ruck

DATE: 2022-03-12
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Horshack, ShowMe, citrus, Deagle, Winston, Jenner, Magoo, Maj. Payne, Old Bay FNGs: Trailblazer

Spring muck, 65 degrees and sunny, or wintery mix? Who knows what weather we will get? Do we care?

Well, we got everything! Starting 6am at 45* and cold rain, temps dropping to provide sleet, wintery mix, snow and 40 mile winds as we cross Chain Bridge across the Potomac!

Core Principle of F3 is that workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold was achieved!

The trail was mostly off-road and unpaved, featuring Gulf Branch Trail, Potomac Heritage Trail, crossing Chain Bridge, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Trail, Little Falls Trail, and the Capital Crescent Trail.

The trails were a slippery mud-slug, with lots of up and down. Gulf Creek water level was high so there were two wet water crossings to ensure were wet and cold from the start!

Old Bay led from the Virginia rally point at Madison Community Center down Gulf Branch and across Chain Bridge. Magoo took over starting at D.C. proper, winding us randomly through the flood plains of the Little Falls Trail like he was walking his pups. Much to the chagrin of the FreeStaters, Magoo determinedly keep us off their beloved Canal Tow Path.

At the turn back point we were clearly not going to meet our 2.5 hour timeline, and while we were not a mutiny status the grumbling was rising!

To press to the timeline some “short cuts” were made on the return that had us bushwhacking steep muddy terrain, skirting rushing traffic, and missing a turn point so we overshot Chain Bridge and finally got to spend some quality time on the before mentioned beloved Tow Path.

Some may blame Old Bay, but one could also wonder why the Maryland FreeStaters didn’t take the lead on their home turf?

The return across Chain Bridge was worse the the previous, as now the snow was gusting with the wind, stinging the face mightily.

The remaining slog was step uphill back to the rally point through deepening slippery snow.

Name-o-rama showed that it wasn’t only the weather that was fogged, the 3.5 hours in conditions had put us to the test. Iron was sharpened!

6 of the 10 PAX gathered afterwards at Bob and Edith’s Diner for copious amounts of coffee and man-sized platters of food. We thought there was a minor earthquake, but the tremors were just Magoo shivering uncontrollably. We took bets if he could get enough coffee in his system prior to hypothermia striking.

All PAX agreed that it was a horrible ruck, and that we can’t wait to do it again next year!

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