DATE: 2022-03-08
AO: General
Q: Lazlo
PAX: citrus, 2 percent, Booking, Jenner, Fairweather, Toolbox, Trolley, Hard Knox FNGs: None
There was drama at The General today. He was dead. They all showed up, usual time, usual place, but the Q was dead. Nobody knew how it happened, but dammit they were going to find out.

WARMUP: SSH, imperial walkers, hillbillies, Moroccan night clubs, mountain man poopers, cherry pickers, downward dog, mosey across the field to leave some cards but don’t leave the cards

THE THANG: Fortunately, the dumb killer left a list of ideas behind, written on index cards. Where he’d do it, how he’d do it, and how he’d get away. But there were too many cards. In fact, there was a set of three cards every 10 yards, across the whole field. They needed those cards. (Actually they weren’t left on the field. It was windy. We modified.)

A PAX was named and drew three cards. But to get his cards, we had to do the getaway movement until we got to the location (one of the 10-yard lines), then do the exercise. Being a random drawing, not even the Q knew how far we’d have to go or what order we’d go in. But the PAX made it. We got all 9 sets of cards (from the 10yd line to the 90yd line, going back and forth as needed depending on the order we drew the cards. The movements and exercises were: -Bear crawl
-Crawl bear
-Reverse lunge
-Crab walk
-Duck walk
-Broad jump
-Frankenstein walk

-20 merkins
-30 BWS
-5 Absolutions
-8 Burpees
-15 Bobby Hurley’s
-30 LBCs
-30 OH claps
-20 Dry docks
-20 WWIs

With all the cards collected, it was time to solve the mystery. The Q knew the right answer. He was the victim of course. We went around the circle, and each PAX guessed the location, exercise, and getaway. First, @toolbox figured out that the killer got away with a Frankenstein walk. Then Fairweather (I think) figured out that it was the Absolutions that killed the Q. Finally, it was @2 percent who knew the whole story. Because of course, he was the killer. He killed the Q with Absolutions, at the 20 yard line, and got away doing the Frankenstein. Well done, men.

MARY: flutter kick, side raises, toy soldiers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Watch for F3, The Capital Tour, 2022, coming soon to an AO near you.

COT: Today is International Women’s Day. We’re a men’s organization, but none of us would be here if it wasn’t for the women in our lives. Moms, M’s, daughters, sisters, neighbors, bosses, co-workers. Thank them.

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