Forearms and Grippy Shoes

DATE: 2022-03-01
AO: General
Q: Jenner
PAX: Trolley, petro, fist pump, Hard Knox, SubPrime, 2 percent, Yard Sale, Faceplant FNGs: None
WARMUP: Side Straddle Hops, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers, mosey, Cherry Pickers, mosey, Burpees, mosey, Arm Circles, mosey, Merkins, and more mosey.

Oh, and during the mosey, one PAX had to grip a towel threaded through a kettle bell alternating hand grip only once between warm up stations.

THE THANG: Once at the Mosaic District Park 0.8 miles away, find a concrete ball and do Step Up Triple Pump Calf Raises x 10 and then Bulgarian Split Squats x 20 each leg.

Split the PAX into Team 1 and Team 2. Team 1 hangs on the rock climbing wall with two feet and one arm alternating while Team 2 performs 10 burpees. Flip flop. Rinse and repeat-o.

Then follow the leader bear crawls over and around the hills. If the dew makes the hill too slippery, then help a fellow PAX up and then feel free to act like a seal on the way down.

Sprint and paint the lines of the criss crossed turf area that is the size of half a basketball court.

Team 2 traverses the rock climbing wall horizontally navigating the 90 degree elbow while Team 1 repeats the bear crawl and sprint circuit. Flip flop.

Perform Al Gore while waiting for the six. Add up everybody’s fall from the rock wall traversal (30) and perform that many Merkins.

Mosey back and continue a hodgepodge of exercises, such as Burpees x3, One Armed Derkins x 5 each arm, and Jump Steps Ups x 5, at various stops and intersections alternating the PAX who is carrying with one hand the towel wrapped kettle bell.

MARY: Boat and Canoes for forever.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dad’s Camp in April and Shenanigames March 17.

COT: The forearms are one of those muscles that you always exercised when you were at the gym just by gripping the bars. But as we get into busy lives we have fallen out of the gym habit and fallen into free, outdoor exercises where we don’t have the same routines. So be mindful of getting back into some of your old habits that were good when you were younger like working out your forearms frequently, wooing your partner when you were first dating, or working hard with a thirst for learning and talking with people when you first started your career.

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