Rambler’s Ruck Hustle

DATE: 2022-03-06
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Rambler
PAX: Old Bay, Magoo, Kodiak, Lazlo, Infinity
FNGs: None
THE THANG: 6 Miles Westbound Loop. Several stops for quick beat down. All hills (up and down) were approached with additional “speed”. Beat down stops where POW Flag was visible included favorite “no surrenders”. Stop 1. 46 Squats, Stop 2. 46 Overhead Press and Hillbillies, Stop 3. Rucksack Swings & Merkins, Stop 4. 30-X-arm/leg toe touch, 20-squat-jumps, Stop 5. Step Ups, Stop 6. No Surrender, Stop 7. More No Surrenders MARY: Final shuffle back to start at NS2
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ruck challenge coming up – tri-state event.
COT: Season of Lent. Reflect on sacrifice, suffering. Prayers for families in Ukraine and around the world in great need.

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