No Rest Allowed

DATE: 2022-02-15
AO: Mountvernon
Q: Early Bird
PAX: Fonda
FNGs: Bus Stop Bill, Miller Time, Ratatouille, Churchill, Azimuth COUNT: 7
Hold a deep squat for a few, 8 spider walks, 20 SSH IC, 15 Russian Soldiers, 15 Imperial Walkers.

Run 2 laps to loosen up. Then go to work and try not to rest too much (the instruction was to try to keep the heart rate up, but obviously take an occasional breather as needed. I.e., don’t kill yourselves.) We set a timer for 20 minutes, during which each guy had to do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of:

-10 burpees
-20 merkins (scale to knees, if needed)
-20 dips
-20 air squats
-400 meter run

Each guy did 3+ rounds, which is what I was hoping for, so strong work by all.

Each guy picked an ab exercise so we did a mix of WWII situps, protractor, low flutters, heel touches, (not sure what those are called), Ronaldos, LBCs, and side plank push ups.

This was a gasser. If you’ve been to one of our workouts you know we’re a chatty bunch. (The core of the group has known each other for a long time so this is how it is.) I’ll say there was very little chatter during this workout. And it’s funny, but for the runners in the group the 400M run was like a rest period. For me, the run and burpees smoked me, but I reveled in the other stuff. Such is the diversity of fitness in an F3 AO.

Standard parking lot chatter. Made up for the lack of chatter during the workout.

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