Play Time

DATE: 2022-02-22
AO: Mountvernon
Q: Early Bird
PAX: Natty B’oh
FNGs: Bus Stop Bill, Ratatouille
Hold a deep squat for a couple of minutes, 8 spider walks, 20 SSH IC, 15 Russian Soldiers; 15 Imperial Walkers.

We have a nearby elementary school playground that we haven’t used in a piece so we jogged over there. Setup 4 stations, and did 3 rounds of: -10 burpees, and while one guy did that the other three did AMRAP of: -Dips on parallel bars
-Pullups (scaled to jumping pullups, as needed)

Walked over to the parking lost for a few minutes of suicides – there and back across 8 or 9 parking spots.

Then back to playground for more stations. This time three rounds of: -5 burpees, and AMRAP of
-Dips on a bench
-Air squats
-Box jumps onto a bench

Then a short jog back to the high school.

10 WWII situps, 10 Ronaldos, 10 LBCs, 10 low flutters IC.

We were missing some key personnel today, specifically guys who rarely miss a workout. Miller Time apparently did some strenuous hiking over the weekend, and the only time this dude misses a workout is when he’s out of town or because of some recent physical pursuit – like a marathon or strenuous hike – so we can let this slide. We found out after the workout that a couple of guys had injuries that only people in their 40s and above have, so since many (most?) of us are in our 40s or 50s we can let this slide as well. And our captain – Winkelvoss – is legit sick, so he gets a pass as well. We know everyone will come back strong next time and we’ll have a laugh about which next old guy ailment will befall one of us.

Circled up briefly and wondered aloud where everyone was today. See above for answers.

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