Hitting the slopes with Bear Climbs and Dora

DATE: 2022-02-19
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Horshack, ShowMe
FNGs: DR Pax “Patten”, FNG Sky, Sherlock, Novocaine, Cannoli, DungeonMaster East COUNT: 9

15 hill billies IC
15 Ozzie Osbournes IC
10 sit throughs IC
2 laps
15 Mountain climbers IC
10 deep alternating lunges IC
10 wind mills IC
10 Cherry Pickers


The bear went over the mountain

Pax counts off 1s and 2s
1s bear crawl up hill and do three burpees
2s do (Al Gores, flutters, peoples chair) until 1s return
Groups swap after each bear climb

Dora 1/2/3/4 on the field

1s/2s alternate running a lap/completing:
100 merkins
200 dips
300 deep squats
400 LBCs

20 Freddie Mercury’s
20 count hollow hold
20 X factors
Bird dog 5x/side
Low plank 10 count count around
20 flutters high
20 flutters low

– Thirsty F3rd Thursday postponed until this week (Feb 24)

– Countarama
– Welcome DR Pax “Patten” from Rocky River, OH (has 8 kids, named after Dick Van Patten, the actor who played the father on “Eight is Enough”
– Naming ceremony for FNG Sky (5 year old Russell Kearby who likes Sky from Paw Patrol) – Namarama
– Patten offered words of wisdom: Keep posting, Watch your six, Support one another, Keep having fun!

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