Bear crawl and burpee heaven

DATE: 2022-02-19
AO: Farm
Q: Matthew – Running Man
PAX: Chile
FNGs: Jitterbug from Louisville
Side straddle hops
Calf raises
Arm circles
Beet pickers
Mosey around the soccer field

1 burpee
2 pushups
3 squats
4 lunges
Bear crawl to 50 yard line

6 burpees
7 pushups
8 squats
9 lunges
10 BBS
Bear crawl to 100 yard line

11 burpee
12 pushups
13 squats
14 lunges
15 BBS
Bear crawl to 50 yard line

16 burpee
17 pushups
18 squats
19 lunges
20 BBS
Bear crawl back to starting point

Penguin crunches
Flutter kicks
Side crunches
Gas pumps


My son Ethan saw an internet article about a man who walked in his hands every day for an hour for 100 days, and at the end he was able to jump onto a couch from his hands, and other crazy amazing things. He started out just doing Bear crawls.

Michael Jordan said:
Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

Decide what you want to do and then DO IT!

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