Abominable Ruck Challenge – 4 Hour Group

DATE: 2022-02-19
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Infinity
PAX: Rocketman, citrus, Faceplant, Yardbird, El Camino, Kodiak, Chasqui, CableGuy, Sunshine, Chew Toy, Rambler, Disco, Magoo, SAAS, Ice Tea, Spokes, Gadget, Anchor Man, Hightower, Madoff, Pep Talk, Ape, Shute, Banjo (WV), Rigger, Bobcat, Brisket, Lucius, Gigawatt, Cowher (Wv), Bone, Lazarus, Flame
FNGs: Rocket (F3 Annapolis), Lucky Charms (F3 Annapolis), Trigger (F3 Philly), Bird, Shaft (FNG) COUNT: 39
Rucked over 5 miles stopping to do the following beatdowns: Blue Ridge Balls of Death (Q: Shute), Log Caterpillar (Q: Hightower), Team Coupon Relay, and modified Jacob’s Ladder (Q: both Lucius).

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