Taking the Escalator at Sunrise

DATE: 2022-02-15
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Winston, CashOnly, Butter, ShowMe
FNGs: Dungeon Master East, Cannoli
SSH x 25 IC
Grady Corn x 15 IC
Willie Mays Hayes x 10 IC
Trunk Twisters x 10 IC
2 Laps – Karaoke and Jail Break Sprints on the sides
Plank Jacks x 15 IC
Harry Rockettes x 15 IC
Walk Outs with Sun Salutation (aka Cobra Kai) x 5 OMC
Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

THE THANG: The Escalator Returns

Pax repeat a series of exercises, escalating up, per the following. Burpees were OYO; other exercises were either IC or OMC:

5 x Burpee, then a lap
Add 10 x Alternating Lunges, then a lap
Add 15 x Coupon Curl, then a lap
Add 20 x Squat, then a lap
Add 25 x Dips IC, then a lap
Add 30 x Jump Overs, then a lap
Add 35 x Upright Rows, then a lap

MARY: Rotate PAX taking cadence

Reverse Crunch -15 IC Holding Coupon
Windshield Wipers-15 IC
Side Crunches-10 IC Each Side
Big Boi Sit ups (feet in coupon) x 15 OMC
X Factors x 10 IC
Box Cutters x 15 IC Each way
Flutters x 20 IC to close

Great work on the Afghan Refugee Collection – note of thanks from the organizer Donna Collins. Thirsty 3rd Thursday this week – 6:30p, Feb 17th?
Saturday March 12 – Old Bay & Magoo looking to enlist our support and participation in a tri-state Ruck / Hike across Chain Bridge Road. It would end with a breakfast at Bob & Edith’s restaurant (5050 Lee Hwy, Arlington)
The next Adopt a Road Clean up will coincide with Earth Day – on April 23rd (3rd Saturday). Aiming for a Q-School in the spring so we can broaden our Q rotation

COT: Q Source Quadrant #3: Lead Right

4 capabilities of Effective Leadership that enable a man do what a Leader does.

First, he must have Vision, the ability to recognize Advantage and the Movement required to achieve it. If he does not know where he is going and why, then he will not be able to Influence anyone else to follow him there.

Second, he must be capable of Articulation, which is the act of describing his Vision to others. People will not abandon their Status Quo for a superior position unless they understand where they are going.

Third, he possesses the means of Persuasion, which is the initiation of first Movement. Despite their recognition that a Leader’s Vision is Advantageous, human nature is to cling to the Status Quo even it is inferior. Through Persuasion, a Leader convinces people to begin Movement and gain Momentum.

Fourth, because Movement produces uncontrollable circumstances, the Leader knows that Obstacles will inevitably arise. An obstacle is any problem that impedes Movement. An Effective Leader is ready to incentivize others to breach Obstacles and maintain Momentum toward Advantage.

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