It’s Groundhog Day all over again

DATE: 2022-02-02
AO: Patriot
Q: citrus
PAX: Elvis, Spokes, Bone, Lazlo, Shake and Bake, Sunshine, CableGuy, My Space, Big Short FNGs: None
WARMUP: 11x IW plus 11x hillbillies, 11x cherry pickers plus 11x WMH, 11x arm circles (plus 11x reverse), downward dog, runner’s stretch, coupon mosey to parking lot, 11x SSH (coupon mosey to high school entrance for 50 step-ups for monthly challenge, ✅) plus 11x SSH, coupon mosey back to field.

THE THANG: Split into 4 groups. Stack of cones with exercises at each goal line corner and 50 yard line corner. Do 22 of the exercise when you get there, then carry your coupon however you want to the next station. Continue until you get back to your original station and rest uncomfortably (plank or Al Gore) to pick up the 6. Pull the top cone and repeat with the next exercise. * Station 1 exercises: Merkins, merkins, merkins, merkins, dry docks * Station 2 exercises: Squats, squats, squats, squats, monkey humpers
* Station 3 exercises: Shoulder taps (IC), shoulder taps (IC), shoulder taps (IC), shoulder taps (IC), decline shoulder taps (IC) * Station 4 exercises: Lunges, lunges, lunges, lunges, Bonnie Blairs

MARY: 22x LBCs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: ARC on 2/19; polar plunge now on 2/26.

COT: Accountability to each other helps motivate on the days we really don’t want to post.

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