Step it up

DATE: 2022-02-01
AO: General
Q: 2 percent
PAX: Lazlo, Vila, Booking, Faceplant, fist pump, Traveler, Fairweather, citrus, Toolbox FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hill Billy’s,
Arm Circles, Willy Mays Hays, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog, Kobra Kai, Fellowship Lap
THE THANG: Hit the pull up bar first. 10 reps each while the remaining PAX performed a ring of fire consisting of various exercises: Peter Parkers, Flutter kicks, plank, break dancers, toy soldiers, penguin crunches.
Transitioned to the concrete steps for one round of single count step ups. 50 in unison.
To the field for some Dora. 50 burpees, 100 air squats, 200 big boy sit ups. Run to the 50 yard line in between sets.
Over to the bike racks for some bear crawls and a brand new exercise that @Toolbox invented and @Lazlo fondly named “Bear Crawl Crawl Bear Croquet”. Then we did 20 dips on the bike racks. Back to the concrete blocks. Round 2 of step ups. 50 in unison.

MARY: Nolan Ryan
ANNOUNCEMENTS: monthly challenge – STEP UP’s!
COT: Step up your game. Challenge yourself to complete something you don’t think you can do. I never read books. I’m going to read a book in the month of February. The book I picked doesn’t have any pictures in it. I am scared. I might need some help with the bigger words.

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