Ruck theme

DATE: 2022-02-01
AO: Delphi
Q: Hightower
PAX: Pop Fly, Zeus, Dunder, Gadget, Hightower, Juneau, Lightyear, Rambler, Hoolihan, Glee, slider FNGs: None
Fellowship laps around field, mix of shuffle and walking pace. Followed by SSH & stretching.

End Zone to End Zone
Round 1:
25 squats
Run to other end zone
25 merkins
Rinse & Repeat

Round 2:
25 shoulder press, those with no rucks Carolina Drydocks
Drop ruck, sprint to other end zone
15 No Surrenders
Rinse & Repeat

Round 3:
Bear crawl 25 yards
Walk lunges 25 yards
Zombie crawl 25 yards
Burpee broad jump to end zone
Repeat to return

Round the horn Mary mix

Sign up sheet on Google Docs for Q sign up.
The ARC 2/19
February new monthly Step up challenge

Suggestion for quick book to read: The GoGiver
Parable story about Givers receive more, the 5 laws for success. The fifth law talks about being open to receiving. To Give is to Receive. The secret to success is giving and the secret to giving is being open to receiving.

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