16 on the playground with extra credit coupon

DATE: 2022-02-02
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: Old Bay, 3 mile, Brown Bag, Disco, 2 percent, Faceplant, Poe, Mayberry, Undertow, sticks, Fish Fry, Kodiak, Mr. Hand FNGs: Attaché, Armbar
WARMUP: CherryPicker, WMH, DonQuiote, MuleKick
THE THANG: ClimbingGymHighFive/Burpees, WallShoulderTaps/PicnicTableBulgarians, WallWalk/AussiePushups, UphillBearCrawl/SupermanMerkins, ToeTaps/Rollups, BoxJump/MoreRollups MARY: Ring of Fire: coupon pass plank/V-sit
COT: Thanks for coming out. I had fun. Hope you did too.

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