Mr. Disco’s Neighborhood

DATE: 2022-01-28
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: 3 mile, Magoo, Old Bay, Poe, sticks
FNGs: Mr. Hand
WARMUP: M Phelps, Hilbilly Walker, WMH, CPs, Down Dog, Cobra
THE THANG: WMS Wall: Inverted Merkin, Shoulder Taps, Hand Release Merkin, Seal Claps, Air Squats 37th Hill: 2 x Hill Run/T stabilizers, Curb Dips, Curb Merkins Couponteria: 2 x Murder Bunnies, Man Makers, Pull throughs, Curls, Lunge Walk
MARY: Each One Bring One: Alphabet, Body Saw, Mule Kicks, Dirty Dogs, F. Mercury, Hip Dips
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Polar Plunge 2/26. Breakfast Club 2/1, ARC 2/19. Tri-State Ruck March (12?) COT: Take a moment and reflect. Sometimes the best advice comes from within.

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