DATE: 2022-01-28
AO: Atlantis
Q: Riot
PAX: Infinity, Rogue, Hammerhead
FNGs: None
20 SSHs
10 Cherry Pickers
10 Michael Phelps
10 Willy Mays Hayes

2 dice and 11 different exercises.

First roll is the exercise.
Second roll is the number of reps.

2 = Burpee
3 = SSH
4 = Squat
5 = Copperhead Squat
6 = Carolina Dry Dock
7 = Merkin
8 = Bear Crawls
9 = Shoulder Taps
10 = Toy Soldiers
11 = Mountain Climbers
12 = Diamond Merkins

Many 8s and 10s were rolled, not so many 2s and 12s.

Small amount of moseying between rolls.

25 American Hammers
25 LBCs
25 Freddy Mercurys
Downward dog into Cobra

Abominable Ruck is coming up soon. Practice rucks are also available. Talk to Infinity.

Rogue is taking over as the Atlantis site Q.

Quote from boxing trainer Teddy Atlas: “A fighter had to learn the difference between truth and a lie. The lie is thinking that submission is the acceptable option. The truth is that those punches and rough moments are just moments. Enduring them is not nearly as hard as having to deal with the next day, week, month or year, knowing that you quit.”

Thank you for coming out and living in the truth.

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