Hitting the weight room

DATE: 2022-01-27
AO: Mountvernon
Q: Winklevoss
PAX: Ole Ball Coach, Fonda, Speedo (Brad Luring)
FNGs: Miller Time, Woodshop, Bus Stop, Natty Boh, Azimuth
WARMUP: Standard #mountvernon warmup – 800m run, 20IC SSH, IW, Don Quixote, Russian Soldier, 10 Hindu squats, 10 Turkish get ups

THE THING: brought 25 lb ruck and two 8 lb dumbbells. Split squad, group 1 do merkins (1 person do burpees holding dumbbells and press at top), group 2 run to other sideline and back. Switch, passing weights down the line. Lunges across football field, one person curl weights for 10 lunges, pass to next, run to end and get back in line. 400m run around the track, wall sit against snack bar, PAX take turns doing 10 overhead press and 10 fly curls with weights, back on the wall, mix in balls-to-the-wall as break. Split squad, same routine as before – group 1 do LBC (1 person squat with ruck), group 2 gasser. Pass the bag down the line.

MARY: Still had 2 minutes left for this. Plank-o-Rama (5th set always bows and toes). 10 IC pickle pumper and hips side-to-side.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We we’re grateful for a first-time, out-of-town visit from Speedo from Toledo, the man responsible for convincing Azimuth to join us. Not to get too sentimental on you, but this is the beauty of F3 – your friend tells your wife you should do something that sounds painful and silly, but secretly it’s excellent for your health and fitness and you make new friends. But then Speedo had to leave early but only like 2 minutes from the end so now he’s dead to us.

COT: Lots of talk about Fairfax County Mount Vernon District Supervisor Dan Storck for some reason. A man who I feel is at least capable public servant but who others can’t stand the sight of. Also a former Abraham Lincoln impersonator.

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