3 Chapters

DATE: 2022-01-26
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: sticks
PAX: Kodiak, 3 mile, Brown Bag, Mr. Hand, Old Bay, Disco
FNGs: kombucha
Merkin-O-Rama (10 each)
1) Merkins
2) Wide Arm Pushups
3) Diamond Pushups
4) Stagger Pushups (Right and Left the “stagger” hand is planted 18 inches forward of the other hand, which goes in the normal Merkin position, producing an out of balance, more challenging pushup position);
5) Peter Parker Pushups (as you lower yourself for a Merkin, bend one knee and bring your foot forward in a Spiderman climbing movement; alternate which knee you bring forward with each Merkin);
6) Hand release Pushups (lower your chest all the way to the ground and bring your hands up slightly off the ground – discourages cheating); 7) Fingertip Pushups
8) Carolina Dry Docks
9) Sphinx Push-Up (low plank to high plank)
10) Typewriters Push-Up

2 Laps around parking lot

Leg-O-Rama (10 each)
1) Air Squats 10 sets of 10
2) Jump Squats
3) Lunges
4) Bonnie Blairs
5) Sumo Squat
6) Mountain Climbers
7) Apollo Ohno
8) Calf Raises
9) Al Gore
10) Step Ups

2 Laps around parking lot

Suck-O-Rama (10 each)
1) Burpees
2) Dips
3) Monkey Humpers
4) Dirty Dog
5) Seal Claps
6) Australian Pushups
7) Mountain Climbers
8) Crab Toe Touch
9) Mule Kicks
10) Burpees
MARY: LBC’s, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ARC, upcoming breakfast club
COT: Daughter turns 10 today!!

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