DATE: 2022-01-25
AO: General
Q: citrus
PAX: Booking, Lazlo, fist pump, Fairweather, Toolbox, Yardbird FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, rockettes, WMH, Cherry pickers, windmills, runners stretch, down dog


PART1: Start at the 3 yard line and go to 50 (partners alternate reps): * Burpee per yard (backward jog back)
* Inch worm per yard (backward jog back)

PART 2: 4 rounds, 7 exercises, 10 reps
* Bonnie Blairs (the hard way)
* Bench dips
* Mountain climbers (in cadence)
* Derkins
* Nolan Ryan (the hard way)
* Step ups (the hard way)
* Tuck jump

PART 3: Jack Webbs (1 Merkin/4 Air Press, run to 47 yard line between exercises, up to 4/16) As a group:
* 47 calf raises (happy birthday @popfly!)
* 47 SSH toe touches
* 47 Monkey humpers
Jack Webbs (7/28, as a group)

MARY: 47 LBCs, 47 Flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Polar Bear Plunge 2/5, ARC on 2/19.

COT: Sleep is at the foundation of Maslo’s hierarchy of needs. Hauling yourself out of the fartsack to celebrate YHC’s birthday is at best level 3. Thank you for fighting your primal survival instincts and posting today.

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