Jogging Bears, Pyramid Murpees, and Painted Line Tag

DATE: 2022-01-24
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Jenner
PAX: Brown Bag, sticks, Kodiak, Old Bay, 3 mile, Mayberry, Mr Haand, Booking, Lazlo, Magoo FNGs: Kombucha
WARMUP: Interspersed the new exercise of the day amongst familiar exercises. – Side straddle hop x20 ​
– 1 merkin plus 1 jump squat (heard a …”heyyyy”)
– Swing billies x15
– 2 merkins plus 1 jump squat
– Arm circles x12 front and x12 reverse
– 3 merkins plus 1 jump squat
– Willie Mays Hays x10
– 3 pyramid merpee – a merkin burpee followed by a 2 merkin burpee followed by a 3 merkin burpee

First is the fellowship lap painting the lines of the soccer field to get used to the concept for later.

Split the 12 PAX into teams of 3, er, uhmean 4. Half the team runs to the other side of the field.

Station 1: Legs. Alternate bonnie Blairs and air squats.
Station 2: Sprint / Jog to the other end of the field, dropping down into the bear crawl to go cone to cone across the midfield circle. Station 3: LBCs to calm the chest
Station 4: Pyramid Merpees start at 1 and just keep going until you are relieved by your teammate. Then jog back across the field bear crawling cone to cone and replace your teammate at Station 1 who enters Station 2 and so on. If you are the first team back to Station 1, then pick up the bright neon yellow glove and call out the next leg exercise.

Mosey over to the basketball court.

Painted Line Tag is played for 5 minutes by half the PAX, while the other half do four 30 second stations until 5 minutes is up of wall sits, plank walks 50 feet down the curb to the right, toe taps along the metal railing, and plank walks 50 feet back down the curb to the left.

Rules of Painted Line Tag:
1. The person who is “it” has the bright neon yellow glove and has the option to throw it to tag someone. 2. Everyone must run forward along the white lines of the court. 3. After 3 people have been tagged, everybody drop and do a 3 pyramid merpee.
4. If “it” has not tagged someone after a minute, they gain the ability to u-turn and reverse direction.

MARY: Flutter kicks x30, J-Los x10, Boat and Canoes for a tad longer than necessary.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Skipped because I forgot and have been out of the flow for a while.

COT: Over four years ago, I came out here because of Maj. Payne. Then, I created a habit of coming out here and I felt that the consistency was important FOR ME. But then COVID hit and my third child was born and growing company got me busy and I stopped the habit of coming out consistently. But now, it’s YOU GUYS, the old faces and the new ones, that got me out here today. Mumble mumble. THANK YOU. We help each other out. Let’s remember to pay it forward and help others. Have a great week and let’s have a great year!

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