Social D: 4.20 Ruck

DATE: 2022-01-16
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Old Bay, Sunshine, Hightower, Bone, Lucius, Infinity, CableGuy, Gadget, Pep Talk, Sourdough, Kodiak, Yardbird, Magoo FNGs: Exile from Down Range
Kudos to @sunshine for co-Q
Pre-Warm Up – waiting for @bone to get gas
WARM UP @Big Chimneys 0.46 miles
Little Bitty Arm Circles
Michael Phelps
Side Straddle Hop
Willie Mays Hayes

Beatdown 1: Basketball Diaries @Cavalier Trail Court 0.86 miles

Wilt Chamberlain’s – Length of basketball court (no ruck)

Run Court – 100 LBCs
Run Court- 100 squats
Run Court – 50 flutter kicks (in cadence)
Run Court – 100 Reverse Crunches

Rucky Bobby’s to Jefferson Village Park

Beatdown 2: Resistance is Futile – Jefferson Village Park 1.97 miles SLOOOW Count and hold

Plank Walkouts
Coupon Lunge
Coupon Two Handed Row
Merkin w/ Coupon
Coupon Squat
Coupon Military Press

Beatdown 3: Killer Kodiak – Soccer Field 3.0 miles

All with ruck coupon, OYO each exercise run to other goal line (Al Gore wait) 20 KB Swing
20 Squats
20 bent over row
20 big boy situps
20 shoulder press
20 curls

Beatdown 4: If time, A Walk in the Clouds at Donald South Park 3.66 miles

10 – Carolina Dry Docks
15 – Big Boy Situps
10 – Merkins
10 – Hernia – Coupon V Up

Mary at Social D:
Micheal Phelps
Itty Bitty Arm Circles
Flutter Kicks (in cadence, too many)


– Wreath cleanup at Arlington Cemetery – @hightower
– ARC reminder (shirt order) – @infinity
– Polar Bear Plunge Feb 5 – @oldbay
– Terrain Run June 11 – @peptalk

COT: Coffeteria

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