Dora remix

DATE: 2022-01-13
AO: Farm
Q: Matthew – Running Man
PAX: Sparky, Chile, Infinity
FNGs: None
Beet pickers
Toe touches
Don Quixote
Arm circles
Side straddle hops

Dora modified. Run and drop off and pick up 4 cones at the other side of the soccer while you’re partner does the following: crunches
American hammers
Glute Bridges

Flutter kicks
Big boy sit-ups
Dirty dogs
Nolan Ryan
Shoulder taps
Penguin crunches
Rope climbers

Quote from Dan Crenshaw from his book Fortitude.

If you’re losing your cool, you are losing. If you are triggered, it is because you allowed someone else to dictate your emotional state. If you are outraged, it is because you lack discipline and self-control. These are personal defeats, not the fault of anyone else. And each defeat shapes who you are as a person, and in the collective sense, who we are as a people. This book is about actively hardening your mind so that you can be the person you think you should be. It is about identifying who that person is in the first place, and taking responsibility for the self-improvement required to become them. It is about learning what it means to never quit. It is about learning to take a joke and giving others some charity when they make a bad one. It is about the importance of building a society of iron-tough individuals who can think for themselves, take care of themselves, and recognize that a culture characterized by grit, discipline, and self-reliance is a culture that survives.

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