Running Man

DATE: 2022-01-12
AO: Aerie
Q: Chasqui
PAX: Rocketman
FNGs: None
Neighborhood Run
15x Michael Phelps
15x Cherry Pickers
10x Jumping Jacks
10x mountain crawls
10x don quixote

“It doesn’t matter what kind of body you woke up with today, what matters is that you are here”

2-3 Intervals
15x Big boy Sit-ups
15x merkins
10x squats right to left
10x burpees
15x bicycle kicks
10x merkins/shoulder taps
10x lunges in place right/left
10x burpees

MARY: Cobra kai, legs/arms stretching

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ruck training next week TBD

COT: Words of wisdom : “When Motivation fades away you can always rely on Dedication”. Motivation comes and goes! But dedication is what got you here today!

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