Tiring Freeze

DATE: 2022-01-11
AO: Delphi
Q: I-Beam
PAX: Hightower, Dunder, Hoolihan, Lightyear, Pop Fly, Wham-O FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mosey around the field with high knees, butt kickers, shuffling, and lunge walks. SSHs, Michael Phelps, Cherry Pickers, WMHs

THE THANG: Borrowed from F3 Greenwood
Round One:
Leave coupon at start point. Bear crawl 20ish yards. 20 merkins. Mosey back to coupon. One man maker. Rinse and repeat by decreasing merkins by one rep and increasing man maker reps by one. Mary: LBCs, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers

Round Two:
20 goblet squats, lunge walk 20ish yards. One Bonnie Blair (hard way). Mosey back to coupon. Rinse and repeat by decreasing goblet squats by 2 reps and increasing bonnie blair reps by one. Arms: 25 curls, 25 overhead press, 25 tricep extensions

MARY: Done in the protection of the wind-blocking retaining wall

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Hightower Respect Bday Q, Pop Fly Bday, Arlington Cemetery wreath pickup, ARC ruck all upcoming

COT: Our children are always watching us. Be a good example and be the person you want them to emulate

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