Sled dogs. Respect.

DATE: 2022-01-07
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Lazlo
PAX: 3 mile, Old Bay, Disco, Grease Monkey, Poe, Kodiak, Fish Fry, Yardbird, Brown Bag FNGs: None
So it turns out that if you drag a coupon through the snow using a rope, two things can happen. If you’re lucky it slides across the ice like a nice concrete sled. But if it starts tumbling, that’s basically how you build the bottom of a snowman. A heavy snowman. Pick your sled wisely.

WARMUP: SSH, Imperial walkers, copperhead squats, mountain man poopers, michael phelps, Motivators (from 10)
THE THANG: Three rounds of stations. Four stations, with station 1 as the timer. PAX stay at their stations until relieved. For Round 1:
Station 1: Bear crawl 25 yards, 5 burpees, crawl bear back
Station 2: KB swings
Station 3: BWS
Station 4: Hillbillies
For Round 2:
Station 1: Dog sled. (Drag coupon by a rope 50 yards then back) Station 2: Atlas shrugged
Station 3: jump squats
Station 4: Frankensteins
For Round 3: Repeat Round 2

MARY: Snow angels, WWIs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ARC is coming up. Read about it.
COT: I talked about a story I read last night. My wife showed me and I can’t find it online to post a link – I’ll come back here if I do. It was about the guy who started the Young People’s Chorus of New York. Really inspiring story. He grew up poor and with no friends, but dedicated himself to music. In his twenties he started a choir for young kids that didn’t have money to do anything organized. But if you would show up he would take you. A few decades later they’re a world-class group, and he still takes kids from all backgrounds, races, social groups, etc. So he’s impacted thousands of kids lives, doing something that he found meaning in. Lots of good lessons there.

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