Merkins on the Tip and more

DATE: 2022-01-04
AO: General
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Booking, 2 percent
FNGs: None
Three hearty souls braved the ice and cold for a general beatdown this A.M. The following is a true story.

Mosey to the parking deck.

WARMUP: 20 x SSH, 15 x IW, 10 x WMH, 10 x Cherry Pickers, 10 x Burpees

THE THANG 1: Paula Abduls – 2 steps forward and one step back done as traveling burpees for two parking spots, crawl bear one spot back. Repeat for 10 parking spots. Mosey to next parking area

THE THANG 2: Bear crawl around three posts, then crawl bear around two posts, then crab walk around one. Wait for the six in Al Gore.

THE THANG 3: Run a lap around the parking area, then 5 x Merkins. Run another, then 10 x Merkins. And so on for 15, 10, 5 Merkins (5 laps total, 45 Merkins total).

THE THANG 4: Just the Tip Merkins (workout namesake. Thanks @2percent!) 1 x Merkin at tip of first parking spot, shuffle right, move forward and then shuffle left to other tip of the parking spot for 2 x Merkins. Keep going (shuffling right, move forward and shuffling left) to outline parking spots, doing Merkins, continuing in ascending order from 3-10. X Merkins. Total 55 Merkins.

THE THANG 5: Zig zag races. PAX 1 starts moving to the tip of the adjacent parking spot, then back to the tip of the near parking spot, back and forth in zig zag fashion. PAX 2 gives him a head start of two tips and starts, trying to catch PAX 1. PAX 3 starts two tips behind PAX 2, trying to catch him. First race is 10 tips (5 total parking spots), rotating through each of the PAX starting first for races two and three. Races four, five and six are the same, but lead runner gets only one tip lead and race is for 5 total tips.

MARY: 25 x flutter kicks, 20 x American Hammers, 15 x Penguin crunches, 50 x LBCs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The ARC is coming! FEB 19. Four and 12 hour options! Start your ruck prep now!

COT: Getting out in the gloom each morning helps us all get right each morning. It really helps us to be able to tackle the daily challenges that hit us better than anything else. There are a lot of men out there that need F3 who don’t know they need it. Keep pressing, and keep inviting FNGs. You will make a difference in someone’s life.


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