Hangover Under the Overhang

DATE: 2022-01-01
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Butter, ShowMe, Horshack
FNGs: None
Under the overhang – to avoid the downpour.

SSH, Mountain Climbers,
Michael Phelps,, Windmills, Cherry Pickers

Shoot the Medicine Ball – get two shots in then rotate to the next Pax, meanwhile the non-shooting Pax wait their turn with an exercise, in four rounds: Merkins
Shoulder Taps
Alternating Lunges

Suicide longways on the blacktop

Pass the medicine ball in pairs: facing each other and doing sideways lunges the length of the blacktop, repeato opposite leg / direction

Plank passing: all Pax assume plank position in a row and pass/roll medicine ball to next Pax. Back and forth x 5 rounds.

X Factors, Freddie Mercuries, Flutters & Outlaws, leg lift Rosalitas, Dollies, plank-o-rama 11 count with Travoltas on the side and shoulder taps in the center.


F3’s 11th anniversary today

Winston described writing his year end note to his team, and it was practically the same as the year before, so he re-wrote it without the assumptions that we are going to get back to normal anytime soon and emphasizing staying connected to people in your life. Reflected on how F3 connections with Pax has been one of the highlights of 2021 in his life.

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