Rings Of Snow Crawls

DATE: 2022-01-03
AO: Patriot
Q: CableGuy
PAX: Bone, My Space, Shake and Bake, Spokes, Ice Tea, Lucius, Wedding Singer, citrus, Roadkill FNGs: None
THE THANG: We ran a lap then did ring of fire rounds of the following with a pax bear crawling (twice) or crawl bearing (also twice) around the circle as timer. We ran a lap after each round and did ~1.5 miles total:

Merkins/Body Weight Squats
Plank Jacks/Jump Squats
Hand Release Merkins/Bonnie Blairs
Overhead Clap/Copperhead Squats

Our final move was a mosey to the railing by the gym for 4X aussies (10)/merkins (10) MARY: Nolan Ryan, Toy Soldier, Freddie Mercury, American Hammer ANNOUNCEMENTS: ARC a-comin; happy hour tbd
COT: Winter is the toughest time to maintain consistency – knowing you’re walking into dealing with snow and ice. How fitting to have this weather on the first Monday and first workout of 2022! Good job starting your year with something difficult. Let’s keep rollin.

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