12 Days of Christmas (again)

DATE: 2021-12-30
AO: Highlands
Q: Trolley
PAX: Jag, Toolbox, Old Bay
FNGs: The Hand (?) -visiting from Seattle
12 reps each of:
SSH, Rockettes, Hillbillies, WMH, Carrot Pickers, Arm Circles. Also threw in Downward Dog’s and Cobra Kai (hiss).

Each PAX was assigned 2 (or 3) exercises corresponding to one of the 12 Days of Christmas. When it got to their number they called it out and we did the exercises the same way the song does. I provided the significance of each day/gift in light of the legend of this song being used to teach catechism (ie: 3=trinity, 9=fruit of the spirit; 12=points of belief in the Apostles Creed). 1- Sprint to half-field and back
2 -Star Jumps
3-Hand Release Merkins
4- Bonnie Blairs
5- Burpees
6- Squats a jumping
7- Side Straddle Hops
8- Mountain Climbers
9- Monkey Humpers
10- Pickle pounders
11- Breakdancers
12- Carolina Dry Docs

12 WW2/Big Boi Situps
12 Flutter Kicks (aka, Major Pains)

COT: A prayer of praise for God’s strength and guidance throughout 2021, and for God’s presence & blessing as we begin 2022.

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