The wheels on the bus make a full rotation

DATE: 2021-12-30
AO: Olympus
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Ashe, Hightower, Yard Sale, YNAB, Lightyear, Zeus
FNGs: Spitvalve, pep talk, face plant, +1
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, hillbillies, downdog
Pretty straightforward 10 station rotation
1) CB overhead press
2). Curls with dumbbells
3). Squat/arm raise with weight
4). Med ball floor to ceiling squat
5) burpees
6. Back flys with weIght
7. Jump rope
8. Resistance merkins
9. Kettlebell swings
10. Rows

11. Timer run rd 1 200 yards; rd 2: 125 yards

MARY: merkins, flutterkicks, jlos, glees?, big boys
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ARC in Feb; wreath rescue coming up.
COT: reminder to count the struggle as blessing and opportunity.

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