Let it go…

DATE: 2021-12-18
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Horshack, Deagle, Riot, CashOnly, ShowMe, Butter, Jag
FNGs: Chief, Ironman, Sherlock, Elsa
25 SSH ic
15 imperial walkers ic
15 should taps ic
15 mountain climbers ic
Arm circles x4 ic
15 Carolina dry docks ic
2 laps around blacktop
10 windmills ic
10 cherry pickers ic


Pax starts at one end of the blacktop and does 10 skater hops on coupon Pax runs to other end of the blacktop and does 10 mirkins
Pax repeats decreasing number by 1 each time


Pax starts on one short end of blacktop and does 20 coupon curls
Pax bear crawls to other side and holds peoples chair for a count of 60 after last pax, count starts after last pax gets in the chair Pax bear crawls back to other side
Pax repeats 3 times

Elsa’s black diamond

Pax starts at one corner of the black top and completes one blockee Pax runs with coupon to next corner and does two blockees
Pax repeats from corner to corner until 8 blockees

Mary “flutterville”

10 long flutters IC
10 leg lift rosalitas ic
10 short flutters ic
10 dying cockroach ic
10 long count flutters IC
10 Freddie mercuries ic
10 short flutters ic
10 count plankorama
30 short flutters

Inspiration by Jag – Head up, not head down

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