Elves Passing Coupons During the Longest Gloom of the Year

DATE: 2021-12-21
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Deagle, Winston, Butter, CashOnly
FNGs: None
• SSH x 25 IC
• Compass plank (0 – 90 – 180 – 270 – left or right)
• Windmills x 15 IC
• 2 laps high knees and ass kickers on the sides
• Four Olympians Warm Up – Since today is the winter solstice – the midpoint between summer and spring we have 2 swimmers and 2 skaters o Matt Biondi’s – aka Twistees x 10 each way IC
o Bonnie Blairs x 10 IC
o Michael Phelps x 15 IC
o Apollo Ohno’s x 15 IC
• Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

Grab a Coupon – We Elves Gotta Move Those Packages Through the Gloom Pair Up – 7 exercises; 2 Rounds Each x 60 Seconds)
• Paired Alternating Elf of a Shelf (Facing Each other, partner without coupon stretch touching toes) • Paired Coupon Sit Ups (Face to face Transfer Coupon at top)
• Paired Alternating Kettlebell Swings (Facing Each Other, partner without coupon stretch touching toes) • Paired Alternating Overhead & Through the Legs (Back to Back) • Paired Sitting Twist Transfers on our Six (Side by Side)
• Paired Standing Twist Transfers (Back to Back)
• Paired Alternating Grave Diggers – Over Each Shoulder Transfers (Back to Back, partner without coupon stretch touching toes)

• G – Good Morning Abbies x 10 IC (Seated Extensions – Lean Back While Extending Feet) • L – 20 x LBCs IC
• O – 10 x Oblique Crunches Right Side IC
• O – 10 x Oblique Crunches Left Side IC
• M – 10 x Moon Gods IC (Each Direction on Each Side (Start in low plank on one side and edge of lower foot on the ground. Bring top foot into the air as high as comfortable and move in circular pattern.)

– Deagle got holiday plans squared away with the Pax

COT: Winter Solstice – the Longest Gloom of the Year
Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that it is darkest before the dawn. Scientifically, it is darkest at midnight, which is the midpoint between sundown to sunrise when the sun is at the exact opposite side of the earth.
The words “it is darkest before the dawn” can serve as encouragement to those going through “dark” times. When all hope is lost, and you feel like your calamity will never lift, it is encouraging to believe that good times are right around the corner. The meaning of this quote, that even during the worst of times you can have hope, can be very powerful to help us take another step and live another day with hope of a better tomorrow.
Likewise, today, being the first day of winter represents the point at which Earth’s tilt makes the northern hemisphere darkest the longest. So it’s good to know that every day of winter tilts the axis toward the sun and gives us more and more of the sun’s warmth. Counter-intuitively, early winter is the time that earth is closest to the sun. Even so, the winter season can often makes people depressed:
• Feelings of sadness, irritation, hopelessness or anxiousness when the seasons change. • Lack of energy and loss of interest in pleasurable activities • Cravings for carbohydrates and overeating.
• Difficulty with sleep, by either sleeping too much or experiencing insomnia.
The Cleveland Clinic recommends three ways of avoiding seasonal depression during the darkest days of the year:
1. Enjoy the sunrise – go outside in the brisk air and take several minutes to watch how our dark environment slowly gets bathed each day in natural sunlight
2. Vigorous exercise in colder weather combats seasonal depression and competes with our brain and body’s natural tendency to be sluggish. Exercise also helps our brain chemistry long after we exercise and throughout the day.
3. Stay social and avoid the natural urge to hunker down and stay home. Connecting with friends lifts our spirits and gets us out of our own heads. Same goes for creating social obligations and regularly doing something for those around us. There is a lot of science behind making winter months a season of giving.

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