String of pearl Deck Climb

DATE: 2021-11-10
AO: Compound
Q: Hightower
PAX: Popeyes, Pep Talk, Madoff
FNGs: Maddoff
On the field for general warm up, then fellowship jog to Parking Deck

Start at first ramp: 5 merkins, sprint up ramp, followed by 7 burpees Rinse and repeat climbing up the 7 level deck.
Increase Merkins by 5, and decrease burpee by 1 for each level.

Jog to turf field by Target. Round of Core exercises, then Ricky Bobbie back to field.

Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, 0800 at Olympus
2F gathering Weds, Nov 17 at Dogwood Tavern at 1930

Why not? Remember you first time coming out to F3, your first Q. Probably thought Why Not? That’s what we need to keep pushing within ourselves and asking others this new year. Let’s push to new limits and answer that question Why Not?

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