Grabbed a Coupon and Rode the Escalator

DATE: 2021-11-02
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Deagle, Winston, CashOnly, ShowMe
FNGs: None
· Side Straddle Hops-x 25 IC
· Alarm Clocks x 10 IC
· Carolina Dry Docks x 10 IC
· Michael Phelps x 15 IC
· Two laps – Karaoke
· Willie Mays Hayes x 10 IC
· Walk Out to Sun Salutation x 5 IC
· El Capitan-x 15 each way
· Cherry Pickers-x 15 IC

THE THANG – Grab a Coupon for the Escalator
· Burpees-5 OYO +
· Add Coupon Curl-10 IC +
· Add Alternating Side Lunges -15 +
One Lap
· Add Overhead Press-20 IC +
· Add Chest Press-25 IC +
Two Laps
· Add Jump Overs -30 IC +
· Add Mountain Climbers – 35 IC
One Lap

· Reverse Crunch -15 IC Holding Coupon
· Windshield Wipers-15 IC
· Side Crunches-10 IC Each Side (feet in coupon)
· 15 Big Boi Sit ups (feet in coupon)
· X Factors x 10 IC
· Box Cutters x 15 IC Each way

– The Grunt at 0700 on Saturday

COT: Remembrance and Legacy

This past spring, Deagle shared his faith and personal thoughts about Yom HaShoah, the Jewish Day of Remembrance for the six million Jews lost in during the Holocaust and those who fought to resist the Nazis. During Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement a few weeks ago, it is also traditional to recite remembrance prayers and light Yizkor candles in memory of deceased loved ones.

In the Catholic faith, November is a month of remembrance of family members and other loved ones we’ve lost. It begins today with All Souls Day. In Mexico, it’s called the Day of the Dead when household altars are decorated by family members with physical items and messages that bring back the essence of the deceased.

Five years ago this month, I lost my mom to Alzheimers. The obituary my brothers and sisters wrote together tried the best we could to document her legacy with certain facts and events. When I was down in North Carolina last month for the F3 10 year, I was thinking about my mom and my grandparents who were from North Carolina.

At the F3 event, there was a lot of discussion about legacy. As David Redding the founder of F3 said, “a man’s Legacy is not comprised simply of what he happens to say and do during his lifetime. That stuff is often forgotten more quickly than we’d want to believe.

Rather, Legacy is constructed through the people – and groups of people – a man has intentionally served and influenced during his life and the worthy problems that he deliberately set out to solve–all compounded by his love and generosity of heart.”

I mentioned I saw our friend McFly and was reminded by his service to the severely disabled community and his ongoing commitment he makes to raise crazy money for Ainsley’s Angels.

There were several community service events all over Cape Fear – each one either started or sustained by F3 men. I was impressed by the commitment the F3 leadership made to support the missions – the big and worthy problems – that men brought forward and asked for support.

My greatest hope for this AO is that we can do the same for each other. So if you have something you want to take on, a problem you want to solve, an issue you care about, a kid or a relative who needs help, please share it. I’m confident that everyone here at FreeState would do you anything we could to support you.

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