Macho Man Iron PAX

DATE: 2021-08-09
AO: Loco
Q: Bolt
PAX: Rikers, Gigawatt, Nolan, Madonna, Shute, Refueler, Anchorman, Mutombo, Dial-tone, Beaver Nugget, Brisket FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH IC, Michael Phelps IC, Willy Hayes Mayes IC, Cherry pickers IC, Downward dog, Kobrakai THE THANG: Iron PAX challenge
4 rounds X OYO, but every PAX finishes and no HIM is left alone. 50 Air squats
40 BBoi situps
30 Merkins
20 Bonny Blairs
10 burpees
400 meter run
rinse and repeat

MARY: 1 minute plank, 2 minutes pickle pointer hold
1) #loco Shared leadership on 8/10/2021 at Purcellville gateway near Starbucks 05:45.
2) Donations being taken by @Rikers for gear for LoCo brother @Huachuca who is deployed overseas. 3) Wednesday at #kodiak but Bulldog will still be Qed by @Banjo_WV

COT: Unexpected deaths have touched our community this week. You don’t know what’s going to happen so be appreciative of today for those in your influence. Mental health is real. ITs ok to not be ok. Please be cognizant of those around you and those who may need help but may not know they need it or ask for it.

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