Deconstructed Gleemakers

DATE: 2021-06-24
AO: Highlands
Q: Jag
PAX: Booking, Trolley, Toolbox, 2 percent
FNGs: DRPAX Franzia
WARMUP: WMH, Cherry Pickers, Windmills, SSH, Down Dog, Merkins, Kobra Kai, SSH, IW, Prisoner Squats, SSH, LBAC, Air Presses, Seal Claps, SSH
THE THANG: 25 Deconstructed Gleemakers with Bear Crawls or Walking Lunges in between sets; Ring of Fire with Merkins and Soldier Carry Walking Lunges; Stationary Ricky Bobby (x3), with Coupon Traveling Burpees, Coupon Bear Crawl and Coupon Crawl Bear; 25 Gleemakers. MARY: Flutterkicks; Protractors; Penguin Crunches
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Nothing for the larger group.
COT: When life puts a large obstacle in front of you, break it down into small tasks or projects. The insurmountable becomes achievable. Out.

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