Loredo 6-24 WOD

DATE: 2021-06-25
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: 3 mile
PAX: Old Bay, Maj. Payne, Undertow, sticks, Kodiak, Booking, Brown Bag, Poe FNGs: Attache
WARMUP: 12 SSH, LBCs, Moroccan nightclubs, cherry pickers, willie mays hays, down dog, up dog THE THANG:
6 reps of:
24 merkins / squats / lunges / 400m run with 50m sprint
(each PAX took turns leading an exercise)
15 outlaws; 24 penguin crunches, 20 flutter kicks, maybe 1 more? ANNOUNCEMENTS:
7/5 7a convergence at the Patriot
Yorktown Boys LAX in state finals tonight
messages gleaned from the Loredo WOD to instill resilience and interspersed throughout the workout to recover after sprints
1. Gratitude & Optimism – so much to be thankful for; we’re alive and healthy and get to workout with our friends
2. Feel the bad. Bad things happen in life. face it, deal with it and ask for help if you need it.
3. Identity – we’re more than just the labels of “parent” or “husband” or “”, we’re ever-changing and evolving containers for experiences. we contain multitudes. props to Refueler for the inspiration.

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