“The 90’s called, they want their music back”

When: February 11, 2020

AO: Delphi alternate AO Orange Hunt Elementary School

QIC: Highlander

The PAX: 9 Hightower, Dunder, Nano, Pelaton, Pop Fly, Glee, Obadiah. 

9 PAX posted in the rain for a soggy Tuesday and took some overhead shelter under entranceways at Orange Hunt Elementary School. Two of Fairfax County’s finest happened to be securing the parking lot so YHC arrived early to give them fair warning that several men were about to descend upon the AO and perform feats of great strength. Fortunately this intervention saved the PAX from a potentially awkward misunderstanding with the local criminal justice system.  

WU:  one leg hip stretches 2X IC, bent leg body twists 15X IC, Forward Lunges 10X IC, Rear Lunges 10X IC, Arm Circles forward, rear, and Chinook style.

The Thang: to get into the theme of the glorious decade of the 1990s, the PAX performed innumerable SSHs for the duration of the song “Jump Around” by House of Pain.  Technically this song came out in 1989 but just go with it.  After smoking our calves the focus shifted to merkins ‘NSYNC’ with the song “Flower” by Moby, an exercise better known as “Sally”.  

To really get into the 90’s mood the PAX shifted to circuit with 5 stations and knocked out ‘90’ seconds of work with 30 seconds rest as they moved between stations, all while rocking out to grunge and alternative music from the 90s.  One round, followed by 200m run, then back for a Second round.

Stations: Step Jumps; Monkey Humpers, Triceps Dips, Incline Bear Crawl, and Bonnie Blairs, 

After finally finding ‘Nirvana’, the PAX moseyed back to the start for a quick circle of pain with flutter kicks, mountain climbers, and finishing off with supermans while singing the theme song from “the Greatest American Hero”.  (I know that show was actually in the 80s but the song just works).  

COT:  9 PAX braved the wet and got better.  Thanks to the PAX for their support of my VQ in this new AO. Thanks for the Fellowship and Faith to go out in the new day and do what must be done.  

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