Interval Shminterval

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Lucius, Lazlo, Horsepunch, Subprime, Fuzz, Situation, 2 Percent, Bambino, Sunshine, Bone, Bodette, Speedo, Sharkweek, 3 Mile, Sticks, Wild Thing, Mayberry

18 PAX posted in the early morning gloom for another Monday beatdown.  It was a classic interval circuit that seemed easy at first, but snuck up on even the fittest of the PAX, especially when the timer went out during burpees.  Weird how that happens!  Fun times for all — here’s how it played out…

WU:  15 x SSH, 15 x IW, 10 x Cherry Pickers, 15 x BWS, 10 x Merkins IC

Line up across the goal line.
20 yds Toy Soldiers, shuffle back
20 yds Walking Lunges, shuffle back
10 yds Inchworms, shuffle back
20 yds High Knees, shuffle back
20 yds Butt Kickers, shuffle back

The Thang:

Intervals  1 Minute On / 15 Seconds Off     X 2

  1. In & Out Squats
  2. Sprint to Backpedal
  3. Burpees
  4. Side Shuffles
  5. 10 x Merkins, 10 x BWS
  6. Bear Crawls
  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Broad Jumps
  9. Lunge Walks
  10. Plank Walks

Mosey a lap in between set one and two.

1 x Gasser (start on one sideline, run to other, then back, then over) Goal was to complete it in less than a minute.  All PAX succeeded and survived — although Horsepunch managed to thoroughly smoke himself with a run, bearcrawl, run gasser, which looked extremely painful!  YHC will consider that technique for implementation next time!

Mary: 20 x flutter kick, 20 x American Twist

COT: Life, like today’s workout, can sometimes beat you down. we all require support from our brothers to keep on going.  Always remember to lean on your brothers when life seems mundane and overbearing. Having this brotherhood is critical to our success as fathers, brothers, husbands and all the various roles we play in our daily lives.  Go out and be the best you possibly can!


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