Pyramid Scheme

11 Feb 20

AO – Beast Gate

Q – Pinocchio

PAX – Nemo


Core Principles



  • 10x 4-count arm circles, forward & back
  • 10x 4-count windmills
  • 10x 2-count Apolo Ohnos

Mosey around the parking lot (approx. ¼ mile)

The Thang: 

  • 10x 100m run/10 pushups
  • 1-10 pyramid, sandbag clean to overhead press, bear crawl between each set. The PAX made it all the way up, then started back down the pyramid before Q called time. 




  • Closed with thoughts on the Heroic Minute: that second your alarm goes off, and a HIM must decide whether to hit the snooze, or get out of bed. This was highly germane, as the Q chose the former this morning, depriving the PAX of 6 minutes of workout by being late. The Q acknowledged the Heroic Minute is the single best way to ensure your day starts right. Fortunately, every HIM has the opportunity to do it every day. 

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