An Island in the Gloom

AO: The Patriot

QIC:  Lucius

The PAX:  Apollo; Bone; Fish Fry; JAG; Jenner; Lazlo; Maj. Payne; Murdock; Nano;  Sourdough; Two percent; Three mile

This morning’s weather was cool and crisp, foreshadowing the arrival of falling leaves, football games, and pumpkin spice.  But first, the PAX took time to reminisce about summer trips to the beach.  Here  is what YHC can remember:

WARM UP:  SSH; Cherry Pickers; Arm Circles; Wind Mills; Downward dog; Merkins


Pack up the car:

The PAX split into two teams, which took turns moving “luggage” to their “car” on opposite sidelines.  After “packing” luggage in the car, each PAX performed either five curls or a 4×4 (4 Merkins; 4 single-leg mtn climbers), then selected the heaviest available luggage and … moved it to the car on the opposite side of the field.  Luggage included 2 x 60-lb sandbags; 50-lb beach bag; 50-lb ruck; cinderblocks; pavers; and a half-full cooler.

Traffic Jam:

The PAX moseyed around the track on their way to the beach.  Travel was interrupted by standstill traffic (balls-to-the wall, with shoulder taps); crawling traffic (bear crawls); a tunnel (bear-crawl through tunnel of men); and a traffic ticket (10 x burpees).

Beach House Stairs:

Upon reaching the beach house, the PAX were ready to jump for joy.  They performed a stairway to seven exercise with jump squats at top and bottom of the beach house stairs.

Fun in the Sun:

The PAX bid the beach house goodbye and headed the beach for an AMRAP circuit:

  • Walking up the dunes (cross-field lunge walk)
  • Building sandcastles (10 x 8-count body builders)
  • Hot sand high-knees (cross-field)
  • Swimming in the sea (10 x flutter kicks, in cadence)

MARY: Round-Robin Abs (toy soldiers, flutter kicks, whatever these things are called, oh yeahs, WWIIs)

COT:  Part of today’s workout included packing items for a trip.  It is important to carefully choose what to take with you and what to leave behind.   As you move through your week, don’t pack any extra luggage.

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