We Did Hightowers

AO: Olympus

QIC: Monk

PAX: Rogue, Shark Bait, Major Payne, Pop Fly, Glee, Hightower, Roddick, NAFTA, Mule, Paoli, Monk

Upon arrival, I heard an awful grinding noise coming from the far side of the parking lot. There was Hightower, ruck on his back, pulling a weighted sled across the asphalt. Happy those partnered with him in the upcoming GrowRuck.

Speaking of Hightower, F3 The Capital should just make it official that every exercise performed in the region should be called a Hightower. This, anyway, seemed to be the consensus of the PAX present today, after a brief conversation. No one objected, except Hightower, who was outvoted. I can’t imagine anyone else in the region objecting. It’s F3 anyway, and we can do what we want. Of course, we’ll have to keep subtitles to avoid confusion, e.g., Hightower-merkins, or merkins for short, but any Q should feel himself free to use the full form. 

Now with that bit of housekeeping out of the way, the Warm-Up: 

SSH, mosey around the school building, stopping along the way for Imperial Walkers, Forward and Reverse Arm Circles, Good Mornings, Toy soldiers 

The PAX moseyed to the bleachers to climb Mt. Everest (Lunge, Lunge, Squat up the stairs) X3. Since the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb is approaching, we did Dora 1-2-3 (Merkins-LBCs-Squats) where the runner runs up and down the stairs. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if life were all fun and games, but 9/11 reminds us that there are difficulties to be faced. Gratitude prepares us to face them, so I asked the PAX to think of something they are grateful for while NAFTA gave us a 20 count.

Then the games began. With the Blue Falcon:

“Pax is divided into two teams teams have 30 sec to come up with a plan then each team has 3 min ( how ever log Q decided) to do their own workout at the end of the workout you trade workouts and the other team has 3 min to complete the other teams workout. This can be done single or multiple rounds at the end of each round loser has a punishment (20 burpees) or something like that if both teams complete the exercises it can be a tie. Or since this is America first one to complete others workout plan wins.”

I’d planned Bear v Crab Soccer after the Blue Falcon, but Major Payne came up with a different game: Start with two teams + ball around two large tractor tires on their sides (or another suitable, heavy, round target). Each team tries to throw the ball into the other team’s tractor tire. Miss and throwing team does 2 burpees; hit and receiving team does 10 burpees. Teams roll their tractor tires towards each other and throw again. 

7 min of Mary began with Flutter kicks. Then Mule’s 2.0 Paoli made us do some ridiculous number of LBCs and do them quickly. Major Payne honored his wife, Rogue, with a round of Bonnie’s Torture. There were others that I forget.

Announcements: Party at Hightower’s this afternoon; 9/11 stair climb; QSource during coffeeteria. 

COT: Gratitude for the ability to be there, be together, and be good for others as we part. 

Honored to be with such fine people this morning. 


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