Attention Costco Shoppers!

AO: The Highlands


PAX: Toolbox, Bandit, Nano and 2 Percent

Warm-up: SSH, Arm Circles, Potato Pickers, Down Dog, Up Dog, and Musclemakers

The PAX moseyed to the Costco — more specifically, its parking garage — to get in some prep work for the upcoming #csaup.  The PAX ran up the garage’s roughly 120 stairs and then back down.  Upon convening on terra firma, the PAX did a plank, a set of lunges and then derkins, dips and box jumps on the large concrete blocks that Costco kindly left for the beatdown.  The PAX then rest while the Q gave a brief recitation of F3’s Q1: Get Right.

The PAX then did two rotations up and down the garage’s stairs.  This was followed by a plank, lunges, derkins and dips.  The rest consisted of the Q’s recitation of Q2: Live Right.  Three rotations up and down the Costco stairs preceded more plank, derkins, dips and Q3: Lead Right.  The PAX concluded its trip to Costco with another two rotations up and down the stairs, which in the interest of time was followed only by Q4: Leave Right.

The PAX returned to the field for Mary with each PAX taking a turn as Q for one exercise.  The highlight was Toolbox’s debut of THE TANTRUM.

COT: In chapter 5 of “Make Your Bed,” Adm. McRaven described The Circus – extra PT in BUD/S assigned to budding frogmen for various reasons.  The Circus led to fatigue, which led to more Circus, which usually led to ringing the bell.  McRaven wrote how he and his swim buddy overcame the Circus to lead their class’  final swim.  He encourages us not to get sucked into the spiral of negativity, but use that energy to lead our own swim.


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