The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get

AO:  The Patriot

QIC: Lucius

THE PAX:  Bone, Dr. D, Horse Punch, Maj. Payne, Lazlo, Noodle, Poe, Prenup, Sauerkraut, Speedo, SubPrime

SSH; Windmills; Cherry Pickers; Rockettes, Downward Dog; Merkins


The PAX played black jack, taking turns drawing cards to determine number of exercise reps.  If the PAX’s cards added up to less than 21, they did that number of reps, then a short run, followed by burpees to make up the difference to 21.

If the PAX drew cards that added up to more than 21, they did all the reps, plus 7 lucky bonus burpees.  This only came up once, eliminating the need for YHC to devise increasingly difficult  bonuses on the fly.

Exercises included:

  • Derkins;
  • Step-Ups;
  • Dips;
  • Cinder-block (CB) press;
  • Lunge-jacks;
  • CB shoulder-to-shoulder
  • CB kettle-bell swings
  • Derkins;
  • Step-Ups;
  • Dips; and
  • CB press / squat thrust.

With our one draw of 25 reps (and 7 bonus burpees), the PAX completed 242 exercise repetitions this morning, plus warm ups, Mary, and a good bit of running.  Lucky PAX!

MARY: 100 LBCs. Quickly.

Some say the harder you work, the luckier you get.  Today, think about what aspects of your life require more hard work to bring the luck.

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