Back to the Dark Gloom

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: HorsePunch, Subprime, Poe, Dr. Dandelion, Lucius, Traveler, Lazlo, Jenner, Bone

10 PAX made their way out into the especially dark gloom this Monday morning. It was great to welcome Traveler back into the fold and to see a bunch of old faces otherwise. It’s never easy to post, but it’s always worth it. Here’s what we did…

WU: SSH x 20, IW x 10, LBAC Front and Rear x 10, Slow BWS x 10, Merkins IC x 10

The Thang(s):

T1: Mystery Goal Merkins. Partner up for one minute max Merkins. P1 places fist below chest of P2 and counts.  Merkins count only if P2 touches P1’s fist with their chest each Merkin.  Flapjack.  Goal was revealed as 44.  If you made it, great!  If not, you have something to work towards!

T2: Mosey to far goal line for the CinderBlock March with Bear Crawl. One pax takes 5 x lunge steps with CinderBlock. All other pax sprint bear crawl until marcher finishes his 5 steps and calls “Recover!” Marcher goes to end of line, next pax takes his place and repeato until we travel the full 100 yds.

T3: Mosey to cinderblock pile for the Merkin Mile. It’s not about speed (nor is it really a mile); it’s about Merkins! Partner back up. P1 moves with cinderblock overhead. P2 does 5 x Merkins, catches up to P1 and switcheroo. Goal is to get 100 x Merkins for the team in lap around track.

T4: Keep yer cinderblocks and mosey to the Arena for a version of Jacobs Ladder, box jumping up the arena levels. BWS at the top, Merkins at the bottom. (6/1, 5/2, 4/3,…)

T5: Mosey on with the cinderblocks to the Basketball court. Travelburpee-a-rama! 1 x traveling burpee, 1 x reverse lunge IC; 2 x traveling burpees, 2 x reverse lunges IC up to 4. Then repeato with traveling burpees and BWS. ‘

This brought us close to the end of our time together, so Mosey back to the turf field to return the cinderblocks to their pile and knock out some Mary.

Mary: 25 x Flutter Kick, 15 x J-Los (Gracias Poe), 15 x Toy Soldiers (Courtesy of Jenner), Boat/Canoes (Thx Subprime!) and Bonni’s Torture (a Dr. D fave).

COT: Daylight savings made the gloom darker just as it was starting to get light again.  Like life, we have moments of light and darkness, and it’s ok — that’s what we have each other for — to enjoy each other in lighter times and to lean on each other during the dark times. Be good and spread the light!



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