Cinderblocks in the Snow

AO:  The Patriot

QIC: Lucius

THE PAX: Maj. Payne, Lazlo

While the rest of the PAX were snuggled in their beds for a long winter’s nap, three braved the cold and snow at the Patriot.  Here is the harrowing tale:


SSH; Cherry Pickers; Quad stretches; LBACs


Conveyor Belt:  PAX begin standing at cinderblock “stations” positioned 10 yards apart, perform an exercise, bear-crawl forward 10 yards to next cinderblock, then repeated for 50 yards (and six stations).  Exercises included cinderblock squat thrusts, curls, and shoulder-to-shoulders.  Three round trips for 30x of each exercise and 150 yards of bear crawl total.

Reverse Conveyor Belt: Reverse the conveyor belt: PAX crawl-bear between stations (Merkins, lunges, and More Merkins).  Three round trips for 150 total yards of crawl-bear, 60 Merkins, and 30 4-count lunges.

Black Jack:  PAX performed exercises 12x on the goal line, then ran to the 20-yard line for 9 more, totaling … 21!  The PAX won!  21x mountain climbers, burpees, and Merkins!

After returning their cinderblocks to storage, the PAX circled up for …


LBCs,  flutter kicks, toy soliders.


YHC did not start this morning’s workout with much of a plan. But it came together in the end.  Today, try to enjoy the snow day by not making too many plans.

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