Working the Field

AO: The Patriot

Co-Q’s: Prenup + Subprime

The PAX: Major Payne, HorsePunch, Jenner, Speedo, Jester (visiting DR PAX from F3 Rock Hill), Noodle and Hightower

WU: SSH, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, Walk-out DryDocks, Partner Stretches

Thang 1: PAX counted off into two groups. Group 1 lined up on the 5 yard line facing Group 2 on the goal line with 4 soccer balls. Group 1 began reverse walking lunges while Group 2 maintained 5 yard separation doing forward walking lunges. During the march down the field, 4 soccer balls were tossed back and forth between Group 1 and 2. When a ball was dropped, the thrower dropped to do 5 merkins. Once the opposite end zone was reached. Group 2 began backwards run with Group 1 moseying towards Group 2. 4 soccer balls thrown between the two groups. When a ball was dropped – the thrower and catcher dropped to do 3 burpees.

Thang 2: PAX partnered up for 100 yard Catch Me If You Can – 3 burpees. At opposite end of field, partners reversed roles – 10 air squats.

Thang 3: Bearway to Heaven to 50 Yard Line. Stopping at the 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 Yard Lines for 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 burpees. Horsepunch and Prenup did this with weight vests!

Thang 4: Circuit Training. PAX divided up into 3 groups and rotated stations. Station 1: alternating People’s Chair (20 count) and Balls to the Wall (10 count) – 3 evolutions. Station 2: 400 Meter run. Each member of the group had to complete in under 1:45 or face 10 burpee penalty. Station 3: Weighted Slam Ball pass and weighted ball toss until runners returned. Finish. In true Arlington Patriot camaraderie, all PAX did the 10 burpee penalty as one.

Mary: 1. ‘Merican Twists 2. Sit-Ups with Soccer Balls

Major Payne is a distinguished guest on the Spartan podcast this weekend from West Point. Tune In!
COT: Prenup expressed gratitude for the fellowship of F3 Yorktown and lamented the lonely workouts in Delaware.

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