School Tour

AO: Olympus

QIC: Subprime

The PAX: Roddick, Mule, Tennanbaum and Appomattox

WU: SSH (25), Imperial Walkers (20), Cherry Pickers (12), Arm Circles and Walk-out Merkins (5)

PAX mosey’d through the parking lot: 50M of lunge walk and 50M of broad jump to arrive at Driver’s Education Course.

Thang 1: “Drivers Ed”. PAX divided up into two teams. For 3 minutes, Team 1 ran through the cone-field and knocked over as many parking cones as possible while Team 2 ran through and returned them to the upright position. After three minutes were up, teams reversed roles. The team that had the most standing cones was declared victorious. While team 1 “won” by two cones – it was called a draw given that team 2 had one less person. Roddick and Mule ran like lightning through the course.

Thang 2: PAX mosey’d over to back of school. One at a time PAX bear-crawled through a series of 20 bollards. After each PAX made their way through the bollards, they waited for remaining PAX while doing balls to the wall. Course completed 2x in reverse order.

Thang 3: Stair run to field. Round 1: Every foot, every step. Round 2: Every other step. Round 3: Box jump up steps. After each round, PAX did air squats at top of stairs.

Thang 4: Catch me if you can – 5 times, rotating the catchee who ran backwards from the goal line. Remaining PAX performed exercises prior to running after catchee: 5 burpees, 10 seal claps, 5 mountain climbers, 10 squats and 10 LBC’s. Roddick was the only PAX to not get caught!

Mary: 1. Heels to Heaven 2. Rope Climbers 3. Hello Dolly 4. ‘Merican Twists 5. Flutter Kicks

Reminder that F3 Arlington meets MWF at 0530 at Yorktown HS.
Next Saturday F3 Fairfax and F3 Arlington will be back here (At Olympus) for another F3 session
Make sure everyone is connected on Slack – Subprime can help you with this.

COT: Challenged PAX to a random act of kindness to a colleague, classmate, stranger or anyone that seems like they need a little help. The smallest act of generosity can mean a huge difference to someone that is struggling.

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