Covering some ground Yorktown to Discovery

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Hightower

The PAX: MajorPayne, Subprime, Noodle, Travler

Warm up:
30 cadence SSH, Good Morning, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, Rockets, Downward Dog

The Thang:
PAX left field in Ricky Bobbie style around park, stopping occasionally for sets of air squats. Then stopped by new culvert on Williamsburg Blvd for new Coupons. First each PAX picked up 1 stone for more air squats, then went back for second stone for next set of air squats.
Once we arrived at Discovery we lined up for Jacobs Ladder, group of 7 by outdoor stairs. Top of stairs air squats and bottom for burpees.
Then PAX headed back to Yorktown, stopping for more air squats and planks. Finally stopped at basketball court for Mary.

Round the circle for flutters, LBC’s, rope climbs, American twists, ended with ring of fire.

Subprime has the Q at Olympus Sat, and will deliver the Bruin Beatdown!

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